Local Wolves

UMI by Dillon Matthew

The Music issue features Los Angeles based artist, UMI alongside with Carlie Hanson, Diplomacy, Emily Henegar, Greyson Chance, The Greeting Committee, and tons more. As always, Local Wolves continues to focus on the most creative minds of all sorts.

Photo by Vanessa Le

Photographer, Vanessa Le highlights the Chinese qipao and the Korean hanbok with a boss ass bitch twist in this submission titled, “Power in Asian American Identity.”

If the bouncy, melodic tunes of pop artist Tiffany Day are not on your radar, they should be. Her growing online presence and unique take on indie and bedroom pop makes her an up-and-coming artist you don’t want to miss. The Toronto-born singer-songwriter-producer grew up in the town of Wichita, Kansas and was classically trained in both piano and violin.

Tiffany Day by Carter Howe
Overcoats by Lauren Kim

To ignite a new era, JJ Mitchell and Hana Elion of electronic-punk duo Overcoats decided to shave their heads. Filming what would be the music video accompanying their single “The Fool” (inspired by the tarot card of the same name), the two had six cameras pointed at them as they shaved each other’s heads, screaming and laughing whenever the director yelled “cut!”, and beginning the era with a clean slate.

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