04/29/18 – The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

We joined Gus Dapperton on his “You Think You’re A Comic!” tour at his sold out show on Sunset Blvd. After Temporex’s dreamy electronic set, Gus came out sporting his signature look—his now lime-green bowl cut and red eye shadow. Upon introducing his sister Amadelle and the rest of the band (facetiously claiming that everyone was 6’5), Gus’s goofy charm was immediately evident. The audience grooved to the colorful yet mellow music and Gus’s delightfully quirky dance moves. To transition into his last song, Gus told a backstory behind the name of his track “I’m Just Snacking.” Gus questioned one of his friends upon observing her eating popcorn before a meal, to which she gave the reply, “I’m just snacking.” The popular song punctuated a night to remember.