Starting a blog is no easy task. Remember, nothing is ever easy! It takes time to put your thoughts in one cohesive blog, take photos, promote yourself, maintain your brand, etc. Trust me, I’ve tried and man, I applaud any and every blogger out there. We checked in with newcomer Anthony Lopez (AL) AKA Mistrmilk who just started this year but has been killing it ever since!

First off, let’s start with the first thing everyone will know you by. Mistrmilk. What is the story behind this name?  

AL — I get this question asked to me a lot, I totally get why. But honestly when I was in the works of trying to brand the blog and find my market I wanted the reader to feel like I was your friend and trusted confidant. You never not trust anyone who gets called Mister all the time, right? So I was writing up my first post in my kitchen while eating my Captain Crunch and I started to think of all of the words that sound fresh and gave you that artsy, campy type feel I glanced over to my milk jug and said out loud “Mistr Milk” and it gave me that “this is it” feeling and the identity was born!

How did you get into the blogging business?
AL — I have worked with a lot of different companies that all entail social media, marketing, branding and consulting. I always knew that I had the knack for creating content and publishing things because I would do it for other people and I thought to myself why not just use those resources and experiences and share them. Which is what 80% of bloggers already do. So I started to do that with and it stuck with me.

Before starting your own blog, was there anyone you looked up to or “blogger-stalked” as I like to put it?  

AL — Oh my god, of course! If anyone ever tells you that they never copied or were inspired by someone else that was already established they are just being proud. Back in the day before I knew what a blog really was I would use Lookbook. When One Dapper Street and I Am Galla were just starting out and as I started to delve in the blogsphere: YummertimeOh AnthonioScout Sixteen and Mybelonging were definitely blogger-stalked!

You just started earlier this month but let’s be honest, you’re gaining a following already. Did you know what you’d be getting yourself into when you started your first blog? What have you learned now that you would have never expected to learn going into this?

AL: Firstly, thank you for noticing my hard work and by hard work I mean “hard work”. If you’re someone who loves liking people’s pictures, tweeting strangers and constantly sending out emails to people who are never going to reply to you then this is the job for you! No, but on a lighter note, I really love Mr. Milk I have not yet even reached my first goal so to say that I have learned something is hard. I have learned that there is always someone there to listen to you. and you have to learn to help others and lift others up. Never be envious of someone’s chapter 20, if you’re on chapter 1. If you want it bad enough you can have it. This world is limitless.


What’s been the best thing about blogging so far? What’s the not so glamorous thing about it? 

AL — The best thing is being able to share my thoughts with people like you. Having someone actually want to hear my voice and love to see me create the things that go round and round in my head! The not so glamorous thing about it is that sometimes you feel like you are disconnected IRL because you are constantly reaching out to people through the internet and when you’re not connected you have this FOMO. I mean I can tell you my phone is my best friend? Lol no, but honestly stay grounded, talk to your friends! My friends love to help me with Mistr Milk stuff!

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?  

AL — My ultimate goal for the blog eventually will be to turn into an e-commerce, fashion and lifestyle hub (I sew and design too btw). Kinda like a salad with all of the ingredients being fashion, travel, celebs, arts, food and stores all tossed together served with a little bit of sass and a*s.

Your bio says you won’t say no to anything new for the first time. Now… Is there at least one thing you’d say no to? Like, eating a spider or walking across hot coals?  

AL — Snakes! I have an irrational fear of snakes. You caught me! I am sure there is at least 10 people who are reading this right now that cringed when I said “snakes.” They just ooze evil creepy “I’m going to slither up your leg and bite you”! I used to rip any pictures in my science books in grade school and get a reprimand for it. They just did not understand what it did to me.

For those of our readers who don’t know you, why should they follow you? 

AL — Honesty, I am selling honesty. Because I will honestly always tell you how I feel. I learned this year that I want to be 100% comfortable with who I am and I will always promote self-confidence. To love yourself & to just be free, be you! You only have one life on this earth. You have to live the sh*t out of it.

What was your life like before you started blogging?

AL — Tumblr, It was my “blog” I never really posted pictures of myself but I did talk to a lot of people and let them vent to me and me to them. Also I was helping others build their brand. So kind of doing the same thing but now I am doing it for myself!

What’s an average day of blogging for you like?

AL — I usually work a lot on the computer so I dedicate every other hour to interacting and I have a set schedule of what I want to post. I just moved so I am currently in the works of finding a photographer and creatives!

There’s always been a huge social media not being “real.” What’s your take on this debate?  

AL — Social media is a type of entertainment like a T.V. show! Whether or not it may not be what it seems, The things that are placed in front of you are there for your entertainment. Style is real, writing is real. If I posted what I really look like in the morning you would not be reading this right now lol

Any words of advice for anyone thinking about joining the blogger community?

AL — I have read this word so many times and I have yet to take my own advice. CONSISTENCY IS KEY. The other two words of advice are TRUST and QUALITY. Always gain your trust with your readers. Never let someone take your voice, you will lose sight of what you started from the beginning, You do not have to be a model to be a blogger. Build a brand, treat it as a business. A part time job!  You have to tell a story, that story is YOU!

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