Exploring the world but also making an impact on social media is taking the year by storm. Writer, Malia Benison interviewed social media influencer and content creator, Joao Schiavinato to find out his love for traveling, plans for the future and his interests in business industry.

How would you describe what you do as a social media influencer?

JS — Well, it’s hard to explain, I don’t even get it. I did YouTube videos for a while, I go to some pretty cool events, I’m super active on Snapchat, I travel a lot, I love Instagram and I chill with pretty cool people.

How did you end up in Australia as an international student?

JS — So, I study International Business at The University of Westminster in London and for my third year, I had to choose somewhere in the world to go to— it was hard, I had so many options such as America, France, China but in my head I just wanted to go somewhere different, somewhere I’ve never been before, somewhere far, somewhere new. I think I took the ‘far’ bit to the extreme and moved to a city that’s a 24 hour flight from home, Melbourne, Australia.

What’s it like to be the face for RMIT University?

JS — It was pretty cool, not gonna lie. I got there and I just clicked with everyone. I got asked to do a photoshoot for them and I thought it was nothing, maybe just for a bookmark or something. A few months later I was invited by the Dean for the Launch of the International Guide and I was on the cover of all the guides, postcards, website and social media… I was on everything. It was definitely my claim to fame. It was funny to go to different departments and people would be like ‘hey I edited your face on the cover of this’ and people would know me as the guy on the RMIT stuff… it was pretty cool.

Being an ambassador for them already, how has this experience been?

JS — It was awesome to be able to go to Australia then have RMIT choosing me to be their Social Media Ambassador, I was pretty blessed to say the least. Traveling around Australia and learning more about their culture, the different things to do and different places to go to then share it with other international students was just incredible. I always thank them so much for the opportunity I had.

Expanding your own work cross continental, how has RMITSemFronteiras going in Brazil?

JS — #RMITSemFronteiras was my baby. A campaign that came out of my heart, giving the incentive for students to go abroad, to travel, to know more about the world. I had so much support from RMIT with the campaign. The students also enjoyed it and I was happy to announce the winners before leaving Australia. As soon as I arrived back, I got told that due to a few changes from the Brazilian government, the campaign had to be stopped. But hey, at least it worked for 1 semester.

Are there any exciting news spills about this project?

JS — The #exploRMIT campaign which I also ran is up and running with amazing posts from a few students at RMIT, showcasing  Melbourne and Australia to the world.

Where are you looking to take your career?

JS — Hollywood! Only joking, I want to focus on the Marketing/Mass Communications side of International Business and hopefully work somewhere cool like a record label, Google, Coca Cola, Local Wolves… Ya never know what the future holds, but if you’re reading this and want to hire me, feel free.

We’ve seen you met many celebs, was it a magical experience meeting such talents?

JS — Yes, it was! Oh my gosh, most of the people reading this will get me. Every time I meet someone who I look up to I literally lose it. I freak out. Like this one time I was waiting for a lift and Harry Styles came out of it. I acted cool for 7 seconds, as soon as the lift’s doors closedI was dead and I just couldn’t breathe. I was shaking and sweating and screaming and I was gone. But yeah, I’d say it’s pretty magical.

How much of an impact does music have on you?

JS — I’m a really funny person when it comes to music. I love listening what’s on the charts, I love pop music like One Direction, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande are my absolute faves. Music always makes me feel happy. I’m always with my headphones listening to some upbeat tune. I love the music world, I love going to concerts, gigs… the whole music industry really interests me.

Are you hoping to put out any more content for you fans?

JS — For sure, they ask me 24/7. I have really exciting plans for the near future. I will be back on YouTube with a more mature view, new collabs, and awesome content.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

JS — In 2020 (laughs). I see myself somewhere in showbiz. Maybe running a band’s social media. Touring the world with some company. Red carpets, private jets, livin’ the dream… I always say we all have to dream high so hey, what’s there to lose?

Is there any message you want to leave us with? 

JS — First of all, you guys rock. Second, just keep your eyes peeled because there’s new exciting stuff coming soon and… Be kind. Always.

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