Acting may be enough for some, but young, ambitious Sean Joseph Young embarked on a  journey to conquer more. The 23-year-old actor, writer, director, producer, and YouTuber created a web series, Two Housemates, in 2014. This series plays on witty banter and a comical interpretation of what it’s like to be young and living with a complete stranger. However, Young did not stop with the first season. The second season has launched this month so you can now view the first episode of the new season here.

What inspired you to create a web series on top of everything else you’re involved in?

SJY — After being on set it’d really be a huge motivation to go out and do something of my own. Once I met Ryan Watson, we seemed to have matching sensibilities. So creating a web series with him was an inevitability.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

SJY — We’re a very small team and with that comes positives and negatives. We don’t have any huge production team with difficult demands and I don’t have to answer to anyone who wants to throw in ideas to justify why they’re there. But, with a smaller team comes issues like having to spin several different plates at the same time while on a unicycle made of soggy hats (which is made worse when we all have part time jobs). We are all doing so many things to make the show tick. I myself wrote/co-directed/produced/cast/acted in the show and more, so I have to keep thinking all the time about what’s needed and what’s next. These were all resolved because the team and I are passionate about the project, which makes the long nights more tolerant. It’s great practice if anything!

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When did you first get involved in the film industry?

SJY — I got involved as an actor when I was 16. I joined an agency and was cast into a short film called Tenner.

What inspires your creativity the most?

SJY — A great film or seeing an incredibly talented person do what they do best.

What sort of person loves this web series?

SJY — Good looking ones, all of them, wonderfully beautiful people. Anyone looking to have a bit of fun for a while.

What is a takeaway that you want viewers to have when they finish an episode or series?

SJY — I enjoyed that, it made me smile and I’d like to see more!

How is this character like you?

SJY — I’d say the doubts about his career at times and the incapability to notice when somebody might like you more than a friend. I never used to be good at it. I’d always have somebody tell me a year and a half later about someone who used to like me and it’s always a surprise!

How is he different from you?

SJY — He’s so much more self-involved and naive then I am. He’s also a little sociopathic and, at times, completely unaware of what he’s saying and doing. I’m always cripplingly self aware, it’s a blessing and a curse. I won’t completely be into your conversation if I see a fork teetering on a table but if that fork falls, you know I’ll catch it.

How has acting in a role that you wrote affected your view of the industry?

SJY — It has helped me show me that if you really want something then you can go ahead and do it and feel the same buzz as you would if it was somebody else’s character. I love acting so any chance to do it is great.

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Who is someone that you look to for inspiration for the series?

SJY — With series one I was going through a huge Mighty Boosh phase, with series two it’s been more Louis C.K. His show ‘Louie’ has been such an influence on my writing as it’s shown that you can add things that you really relate to on a personal level into a show and it can still be viewed by anyone without it feeling like a constant in-joke. I love that surreal situations occur in a grounded reality which really helps the comedy come through a whole lot more. Whenever I have writer’s block I just look at him, from the bushes (joke).

How does it feel to have such positive feedback from the first series?

SJY — It feels great, I’d bottle it and drink it through a paper bag in the street and I wouldn’t care. I love the people who have supported me and I’d hug all of them if I could.

What do you hope to accomplish with the second series?

SJY — World peace. Or getting told that the person who watched it really enjoyed it and it made them smile. On a personal level I’d love it to open more doors for myself and the wonderful people I have worked with who have dedicated their time. They’re great and I want the best for them.

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