In the desert it rarely rains. When it does, people dance in it. That’s what happened during the 2017 Treefort Music Fest in downtown Boise, Idaho. Weaving through crowds of denim jackets, mom jeans, food trucks and skateboards you can say you are immersed in Treefort. However this music festival atmosphere is different, it isn’t hectic but rather a sense of adventure is present as all the venues are apart of the city. Festival goers are free to wander and explore Boise, stumbling across a local coffee shop, or discovering live music in a classic record store. Live podcasts and skate competitions are an example of different “forts” waiting to be found around the area. Headliners like Mac Demarco can be seen crowd surfing, or flaunting a powerful performance of encouragement to the dreamers in the audience like Lizzo did at the main stage. The crowds at El Korah Shriners embrace the harmony of artists like Psychic Twin and STRFKR with a extra energy of dancing astronauts. As the night goes on, the music doesn’t stop. Venues and parking lots are sparked with performances where new artist discovery never ends. Treefort is for those who don’t want to rely on Spotify playlists to discover artists, but rather have a personal experience making friends and memories with artists and attendees.

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