Show Recap: Bnny - Local Wolves


Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, NY — June 13, 2024

On Thursday evening, June 13th, Bnny took the stage at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, playing tracks from their newest project, One Million Love Songs. The venue teemed with anticipation, as listeners gathered to celebrate Indie Week in the metropolitan area. Bnny’s performance was raw and uncut, their songs filled with catchy lyrics and three separate guitar tracks that cultivated both intimacy and grit. The crowd swayed and sang along to every gut-punching line. One Million Love Songs explores the surrender to deep romantic love and humorous self-loathing, while showcasing the millions of outcomes that come love—the good, the bad, the ugly—and the aftermath of heartbreaks. This sentiment reverberated through the faces in the crowd with a collective nod of recognition and understanding. Bnny sang, “Good Stuff,” spinning the lines, “I’m hanging on/To the sunshine,” and then choked out the truth, “I’m hanging on/To my big love,” a moment that held the room in its grasp.

Joining Bnny were Lionlamb, Sister, and Jake2 of Post Animal, each bringing their unique sound to the function. Lionlamb’s folk-psychedelic harmonies set a mellow tone, while Sister opened with songs that get you in your feels, “You drive to Colorado and I get emotional,” instantly drawing the audience into a narrative rich with the uncertainties and emotional spirals of a new relationship highlighting sincere, unfiltered emotions central to the genre of Indie. Jake2’s set added a touch of electronic funk, creating a dynamic and diverse musical experience. The collaboration between the artists showcased the vulnerable nature of the indie scene, making for a genuine night of raw vocals and buzzing drum lines.

Reflecting the night’s theme of intensity and emotional resonance, Bnny shared a poignant moment: “Every time I come to the city, I get super overwhelmed.” This sentiment echoed through their performance, capturing the juxtaposition of excitement and overstimulation that comes with revisiting a city filled with past memories, past people, and past heartache. As the evening came to an end, the energy in the room slowed, with fans lingering to soak up the finishing notes of Bnny’s performance. An evening mixed with fusion of melodies, kinship, and festivity—an ode to the essence of Indie Week and the thriving creative spirit of Williamsburg’s community.

Words: Mar Christiano

Photography: Morgan Winston

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