Show Recap: Liana Flores - Local Wolves


Public Records in New York, NY— June 27, 2024

Nestled inside Brooklyn’s Public Records lies an intimate hall awaiting a most intimate artist. Enter one Liana Flores, emerging jazz-pop singer-songwriter, who is welcomed by a hearty, hungry crowd. Fortunately for us, Flores is serving her debut album Flower of the soul, a work rich in its dynamism and delicate in its emotionality. With a debut so singularly refreshing to the music scene, Flores has captured New York’s heart — and soul.

“Does anybody wanna dance?,” Flores coos softly. It’s striking — not one word from Liana Flores is ever said louder than it needs to be. Even during tracks like “Nightvisions,” the alluring, romantic, deep plum shade of song that could be boisterous if echoed from anyone else, floats lightly on the air, twirling the room into a soft haze rather than a flashy suffocation. The same can be said of the silky-somber “I wish for the rain,” or the London-ode “Butterflies.” No matter the mood, no matter the track, the crowd’s enchantment is apparent. Phones remain scattered above heads, fixed in front of chests like permanent accessories, so as to catch every sparkling yet fleeting moment. It’s a special thing to be here on this night, enjoying the work of an artist so enamored by the world around her. It’s all the more when you realize her work is just as lush, poignant, and authentic as this world that we always seem to be trying to escape.

“I wrote this song to remind myself that the cycles of life can be a reassuring thing.” Flores is referencing her classic track “rises the moon,” the bewitching, celestial tune that originally cemented Flores’ voice within the jazz-pop landscape. Flores leads the crowd as each voice intersects on a plane, though never is one overpowering the other. It feels supremely natural, almost as if the song was always meant to be listened to in this way, with Flores leading a choir of jumbled souls and night-traveling spirits. Once again I am reminded of how lucky I am to be here, at a point where we can laugh and sing and sigh and contemplate, where listeners of all walks of life can gather inside of a Brooklyn hall and metamorphose their troubles. Liana Flores’ music inspires metamorphosis. It fosters transformation within herself and, in turn, we transform alongside her.

There’s a powerful sense of homecoming within Flower of the soul. Not only is it the reclamation of crystal clear emotion in a space that grows evermore clinical, but it walks us back home to the falling rain, to the forests, to the stars. It is earthly yet not of this world. Live before New York, Flores’ many colors burn bright. This is, undoubtedly, but the beginning of Liana Flores’ beautiful odyssey.

Words & Photography: Victoria Huerta

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