Show Recap: Odesza - Local Wolves


Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA — June 14, 2024

ODESZA’s live performances set them apart from other dance/electronic acts through their careful and thorough attention to execution. Unlike a typical DJ set, where tracks are transitioned from one to the next, ODESZA plays with the incorporation of live instruments. Tracks are deconstructed and the duo are able to play their songs live, finding the exact moment to strike their drum pads while performing. From the first song, “This Version of You,” it was evident that ODESZA’s production value is an art on its own. The production elements, including lights, visuals, and sound, transformed the show into an immersive journey. Every element, from the incorporation of pyro and lasers to the visuals and lighting, was carefully coordinated to elevate the experience. Aside from production, one of the other most iconic components of ODESZA is their drumline. They are an integral part of the performance, completely enamoring every audience member in attendance. ODESZA’s music creates a shared experience. Across the crowd, some fans knew the lyrics by heart, while others just took in the atmosphere. Songs like “Falls” and “A Moment Apart” captured the hearts of everyone in the crowd. The music provided each listener with a personal, yet rhythmic experience.

Words & Photography: Sabrina Poei

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