Show Recap: P1Harmony Live Tour [P1ustage H : UTOP1A] in Dallas - Local Wolves


Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas, TX — May 17, 2024

Last Friday, Korean boy group P1Harmony brought their North American tour to Dallas, Texas. Despite one of their members—Jiung—being out of commission due to an injury, the other five—Keeho, Theo, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob—still put on a show buzzing with passion and energy. The smallest smile from a member had the crowd cheering with happy encouragement, and in-between songs there was plenty of barking, which, for anyone unaware, is a common expression of enthrallment these days at concerts. Fans held hand-drawn signs written in a mix of English and Korean and were all wearing pink, the dress code of the night. Keeho was pleased with how the crowd pulled off the sea of pink despite the theme being announced last minute, and Intak noted how even the posters being held up were the same color. I already knew I would be mesmerized watching them move in flawless synchrony, but the stage production made the experience even more fantastic. I love seeing well-animated graphics timed perfectly with performances, and P1H had unique animations for pretty much every song. Along with their own music, the members each performed a vocal or dance cover as well, giving the audience something special while also allowing themselves time to take turns to change and rest. The show was a blast, and I’m already looking forward for the next time that P1Harmony make their way back to Texas.

Words & Photography: Uma Snow

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