Tropicalia 2018

Tropicália Music & Taco Fest (November 3-4, 2018 in Long Beach, California) wraps up festival season with one of this year’s most fiery lineups. The two days will be filled with an eclectic genre mix of bedroom pop, surf rock and pop; a diverse group of artists representative of Southern California’s growing alternative and lo-fi scene, not to mention Local Wolves favorites. // Photo (Above) credit here.

Tropicalia 2018

With such a jam-packed lineup, here’s 5 artists you shouldn’t be missing.

Cardi B by Christian Weber

Cardi B is the “new princess of hip-hop” according to Rolling Stone, and her strong personality, female-empowering lyrics, and social-media controversies have seen her making waves across the whole of 2018 as she is scheduled to headline on Sunday’s lineup. // Photo by Christian Weber.

The Marias by Ashley Seryn

Los Angeles-based The Marías as seen from our 54th issue is a group that is both profoundly unique and also a perfect representation of this melodic-sultry-indie-honey-sounding crusade taking over the twenty teens. Their sound, at times the feeling of an energetic dance floor or a sunny road trip, is sure to manifest on the stage in a way that will be hard to ignore. // Photo by Ashley Seryn.

Hot Flash Heat Wave by Lucy Blumenfield

While they may be in small print on the poster, Hot Flash Heat Wave are the pioneers of a new musical movement that combines bedroom pop with alternative rock, on the cusp of something big. Dreamy and edgy at the same time, HFHW will make you simultaneously want to jump and sway. // Photo by Lucy Blumenfield.

Natalia Lafourcade

Natalia Lafourcade intertwines alternative singer-songwriting and pop with Latin American influences to create music that unites across language and country. With worldwide critical acclaim and 4 Latin Grammy nominations for just this year, Natalia Lafourcade is a talented songwriter and performer that no one should be missing. // Photo credit here.

Mazzy Star by Lloyd Bishop

Mazzy Star is back from the ’90s as 2018 saw the group perform live for the first time in five years and new EP, Still. Known by today’s generation for the song “Fade Into You” and by many as the perfect blend of psychedelia and folk, their new EP brings with it a melancholic nostalgia for their older work. Mazzy Star is sure to be a beautiful performance under a Long Beach sunset. // Photo by Lloyd Bishop.