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Difficult as it may be to imagine, Bastille‘s Dan Smith was once writing the very songs we chant aloud in his bedroom. And as he points out when I ask him what the craziest thing about bands sudden, massive success has been, the best parts have come outside of music. He mentions not the obvious fame, but rather the visit to NASA where he chatted with astronauts and had a behind the scenes tour. Read more about Bastille’s story and other incredible creatives including Alexandra Savior, Drowners, Liss, Mothxr and more in our September 2016 — On The Rise issue. You can read this issue and our past issues here plus the content is free to view on your desktop, mobile device or the issuu app on Apple or Android. If you would like to purchase your own print copy of any of our issues including our recent issue, you can do so here.

BACKDROP — BASTILLE // Check out photographer, Jordan Randall‘s exclusive outtake photos from our shoot with the Bastille in SoHo, New York.

COLLECTIVE WORDS — EDITOR’S LETTER //  On The Rise issue is back for the second year! The team and I have so blessed to work with such creative talents on this music packed issue. Honestly, who doesn’t love fall? New tours, new music and PSL all day, every day. The topic of music has been such a crucial part of my life and I’m sure you all know that you can discover new music from the most random places. Illustration by Laura Filas (below) – Until then, Cathrine Khom.

WOLFIE SUBMISSIONS — BACK TO SCHOOL // This month was about “back to school” and we open the discussion with our readers AKA wolfies on how they handle their school schedule or daily life on campus. Just some key tips and advice from our wolfies on how to survive this school year. We welcome create minds to share their stories, talents and ideas in our monthly wolfie submissions.

PINPOINT — YOSEMITE VALLEY // Enjoying the great outdoors and of course, fresh air! Fellow creatives: Valerie Noel, Brittany Powell and Keet Warrin shares their visit up to Yosemite Valley. Add this location to your bucket list for obvious reasons: chill vibes, fun memories and insta-worthy!

SAFETY PINNED — SUBCULTURES // Our fashion editorial writer, Meghan Duncan was inspired by the concept of subcultures and she shares her take on minimal looks for both men and women.

INSIGHT — A MIDSUMMER DREAM // The creative mind of photographer, Jordan Randall and yes, we heart natural lightning so much. Thanks to our glorious planet and bright sun!

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