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Growing up, no one would have ever thought Alisha Marie would feel comfortable sharing her life with four million strangers over the internet. She said, “I was probably the shyest person ever. I always struggled with what other people thought of me. Anytime I talk to people I grew up with, they always say, ‘I never would have thought you would do something like this.’” But Alisha came across YouTube just as the site was expanding into the massive creative platform that it is today, and for her, it was a community that she was eager to be a part of and one that she felt she could truly be herself in. “YouTube is what helped give me a voice and find myself. I’m a thousand times more confident than I ever thought I would be and I have my viewers to thank for that,” she said. Read more about her story and other amazing creatives including HalfNoise, Lexie Lombard, RVRB and Taylor Spreitler and more in our Winter 2017 — Unity issue. You can read this issue and our past issues here plus the content is free to view on your desktop, mobile device or the issuu app on Apple or Android. If you would like to purchase your own print copy of any of our issues including our recent issue, you can do so here.


COLLECTIVE WORDS — EDITOR’S LETTER // After my last final day of the fall semester, I knew 2017 would be not only challenging but a year for me to discover where I belong as a creative individual. I struggle to find the perfect response when someone asked me if I found a job yet or the infamous ‘what do you plan to do after college?’ I simply have been discovering my love for helping others and being inspired by strong female individuals who manage to support their own craft and are full of an entrepreneurial spirit. One day, I aspire to be that individual continuing to inspire young creative minds and I plan to challenge myself with new projects and visit the places that I hear stories about. The past few months, I lay in the comfort of my own bed and at times I feel like I was in a creative rut, I was simply afraid of the real world. After spending more time offline and focusing on meaningful conversations with family and friends, I am ready to face the world with what I know and what I am willing to learn more about. I guess watching Gilmore Girls opened my eyes to this discovery about myself. I am content and hopeful for 2017 and I encourage you all to welcome the new year or a new day with a positive attitude and stay open-minded. I am excited for what’s to come for Local Wolves, this issue was no exception. My team did a wonderful job and I couldn’t be prouder, be sure also to read about what ‘unity’ means to our readers. Keep your chin up, everything will be fine. // llustration by Laura Filas (below) – Until then, Cathrine Khom. P.S. The lovely Alisha did a studio tour and captured some behind the scenes footage from our shoot and we did too! (Thanks Karen and Jessie as always).


WOLFIE SUBMISSIONS — UNITY // For Winter 2017, we shared our thoughts about the concept of unity and we open the discussion with our readers AKA wolfies on their views on this topic in today’s society. We welcome create minds to share their stories, talents and ideas in our monthly wolfie submissions.


P.S. POSITIVITY — 2017, POWER OF UNITY // Our writer, Orion shared about her thoughts on what unity means to hear and what 2017 will bring us. We are so thrilled to see what’s to come for this year and we can’t wait to continue this journey with your support and our wonderful wolfies!

PINPOINT — BLOOMINGTON, IN // We collaborated with photographer, Sarah Cougill to share her college town of Bloomington, Indiana – looks like a snow wonderland.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 7.48.06 PM

SAFETY PINNED — BERET // Our fashion editorial writer, Meghan Duncan was inspired by Brigitte Bardot in a beret. She shared three unique looks featuring a simple beret and now, we jet off to Paris, France!

INSIGHT — DOUBLE TAKE // Kicking off the new year with two beautiful editorial collaborations with ‘Playdate’ by Carolyn Do and ‘Dust to Dust’ by Kelly Sparks.


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