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In their own words, “BABE is a word most commonly associated with an ‘attractive’ person. It also is used to describe something/someone that you really care about, for the guys in BABE, babe is their music.” BABE’s roots go way back, all the way to kindergarten for two. And for the group, forming a band was practically inevitable. In fact Derek, Sam, and Nolan came together during high school as a Sinatra cover band gigging in restaurants and weddings. While the Sinatra gig had run its course by the time college came around, that wasn’t the end of their music-making days. “We wrote our first couple of songs without a band name,” says Derek. “Nolan saw ‘BABE’ printed on the side of a big truck on the way to practice. He suggested the name and we all liked the simplicity, so we went with it.” As for Trevor, (who had picked up the bass guitar years before to squeeze his way into the group), he joined BABE just a few months ago after the guys convinced him to move down to Los Angeles. — Read more about BABE in our October 2015 issue here.

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