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Emerging seemingly out of nowhere, four-piece, self-described ‘fuzzy pop’ band, Beach Weather sprang onto stages and iPods everywhere. With an opening slot on The Maine’s tour and a remarkable debut EP, What A Drag, Beach Weather has made a swift and splashy entrance for themselves. Fronted by Nick Santino, the band is a new project for the former A Rocket To The Moon musician and friends Austin Scates, Ian Holubiak, and Reeve Powers. “We’re a couple of friends who met each other through the beautiful art of music,” says Santino. “We’re from all over the US (East Coast, down south and West Coast) so we just say we’re from Beach Weather, USA.” While the band’s name suggests the EP may be full of breezy, cheery ‘beach-weather’ tunes, What A Drag has a song for every playlist. Santino mixes his old A Rocket To The Moon sounds with electrifying, edgier beats and 1975-esque melodies. — Read more about Beach Weather in our October 2015 issue here.

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