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Springing from Haarlem, Dutch band Chef’Special have recently signed with Fueled By Ramen, joining a roster of talented bands such as Paramore, Fun., and Young the Giant. An eclectic mashup of funk, rap, raggae, and ska, Chef’Special have released their self-titled EP, Chef’Special. The band is currently finishing up their first coast-to-coast tour in the United States. Chef’Special is Joshua Nolet (lead singer), Guido Joseph (guitarist), Jan Derks (bass player), Wouter Heeren (keyboardist) and Jerry Prudon (drummer).  Between tour dates, Joshua Nolet of Chef’Special sat down to answer some of our burning questions.

How did you all meet and how did the band form?

JN — I bumped into Jerry who was good friends with Wouter who was studying with G and Jan. We hooked up one Sunday to jam, bought an old VW van we called The Mrs., started driving along the coasts of Spain and France to try our songs and friendship and decided to take-over the world.

Who are some of your major influences?

JN — There are many but some are Paul Simon, definitely for this last album, Vampire Weekend and the Fugees.

What was it liking growing up in the Netherlands and has it influenced your sound in any way?

JN — It was easy growing up in the Netherlands. A lot of possibilities and opportunity. We tried to stay away from our native Dutch folk music but we were inspired by a lot of music that came from America. But being we’re not from America, we interpret it differently and this is what we got.

Was there a moment when you really felt like you ‘made it’?

JN — We briefly had an emotional we made it moment when we played a festival called Lowlands in Holland where we saw thousands of people gathered there singing our songs. It’s not a matter of success. Success can flea. Everyday we get a lil’ closer to made it.

How has it been touring in America and what has been your favorite part of the tour?

JN — Touring in America has been surprisingly cool. We anticipated a harder job when it comes to our shows because no one has seen nor heard of us before. It doesn’t feel that way. Every show feels like we’re playing for friends we haven’t seen in awhile, that’s the favorite part.

Who would you love to go on tour with?

JN — Personally, I would love to support Bruno Mars or the Peppers or Twenty One Pilots.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in Chef’Special?

JN — Under a bridge with a cheap bottle of wine writing bad poetry. This is all there is, there is no Plan B.

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