“The internet and social media have proved to be the centerfold of my development. I can share my thoughts and display my ideas via digital platforms to kids everywhere,” starts graphic designer, Garrett Hilliker / Colorsbynet. He’s only 19 but has already made a name for himself designing album artwork for the likes of Travis Scott, Kanye West and most recently Halsey. “She is very, very dope and we have great chemistry together. It comes very natural with her, I think. She trusts me with all aspects of her visuals. Never questions me or sets barriers on my ideas, which is the most I can ask for as an artist.” It’s his work for Halsey’s debut record, BADLANDS, that’s been one of his most successful projects to date. A billboard in Hollywood? Kind of a huge deal. Especially, when you’re asked to create two album covers, one for the official release and the other for an Urban Outfitters exclusive, in only three days. No sweat. — Read more about Garrett in our October 2015 issue here.

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