With the invention of social media, musicians have been able to use a variety of different digital platforms to spread their music around the world with just the touch of a button. YouTube has been one of the most popular, with artists posting covers, acoustic songs, and music videos on the internet. With the millions of music channels on YouTube, the new challenge is finding a way to stand out on the Internet. That is just what Paul Boukadakis did with his company, OnAirstreaming. As CEO and Co-Founder, Boukadakis created a digital platform for up-and-coming artists to receive attention by uploading live music sessions and interviews to their website and on YouTube. Boukadakis came up with the original idea of OnAirstreaming in Austin, Texas sitting in a bar on a cool summer night with his friend and co-founder, J.B. Hager. Boukadakis and Hager were brainstorming ideas about touring bands through Austin in Hager’s vintage Airstream trailer and recording interviews with the bands that they could air later on Hager’s radio show. Boukadakis decided that along with the interviews, they should capture some type of performance that could be uploaded to YouTube for fans to enjoy. With Boukadakis filming the videos and Hager booking the bands, OnAirstreaming was born. — Read more about OnAirstreaming in our October 2015 issue here.


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