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UMI by Dillon Matthew

The Music issue features Los Angeles based artist, UMI alongside with Carlie Hanson, Diplomacy, Emily Henegar, Greyson Chance, The Greeting Committee, and tons more. As always, Local Wolves continues to focus on the most creative minds of all sorts.

Photo by Larena Ortiz

Perspectives submission by photographer, Larena Ortiz: At sunset, we stepped out into the desert brush just outside of Bishop, California and with the mountains looming beyond and the scent of sage brush all around us, 20 minutes of magic and presence ensued.

Photographer, Danielle Ernst’s gallery coverage of The Wild Hearts Tour featuring Julien Baker, Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, California on July 28, 2022.

Amber Ryann by Alex Justice

We chatted with LA-based artist and producer, Amber Ryann on the impact of the internet and social media in the music industry and showcasing musicians on her platform, Underrated Artist Season.

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