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UMI by Dillon Matthew

The Music issue features Los Angeles based artist, UMI alongside with Carlie Hanson, Diplomacy, Emily Henegar, Greyson Chance, The Greeting Committee, and tons more. As always, Local Wolves continues to focus on the most creative minds of all sorts.

Lily Arminda by Adele Sakey

Soft-spoken songstress, Lily Arminda’s velvety voice pairs fiercely well with her lyrical poetry, and for those who haven’t yet heard her music, you’ll see just how easily Lily engulfs heartbreak, sadness, love, and joy into a captivating melody.

The five-piece band of art school grads, STELLO makes psychedelic music that not only encapsulates this experience with their dizzying, electrifying sounds, but their words are the musings you need on those after hour ventures home.

MAX by Alex Tan

After a nomination for Best New POP Artist at the iHeart Music Awards and the release of hit singles like “Lights Down Low” and “Gibberish (feat. Hoodie Allen),” pop artist MAX is here to melt hearts with his deeply affecting singer/songwriter talents.

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