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For R5, the venture of finding themselves has been spurred by an openness to constantly adapting and evolving.

Adam J. Kurtz’s haphazard handwritten anecdotes initially strike laughter, but reveal the realest truths of our humanness.

Joseph chats about the music collaboration process, their favorite songs they’ve written and more.

Creative, India K about her journey, current music favorites, and the importance of strong female communities.

Branden Harvey for humanity is extending into something tangible with the Goodnewspaper.

The New Respects’ sound is coasting in the melodies that seek to connect and convict.

MILCK, fortuitous hero and self-styled voice for “the relentless, the vulnerable, and the brave”.

Curated by Leah Lu discussing art in the wake of current events.

NÄM is creating transcendent music: ethereal vocals layered over daze-inducing instrumentals.