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STALGIA comprised of B & Yaya, are ready to wow the music world with their upcoming EP.

Electric Guest is breaking their silence with their most confident, self-realized collection of songs yet.

Adain Bradley who plays Trev, a high school jock in CW’s Riverdale spoke about his career and experience on the show thus far.

Saint Mesa’s dream-pop sound uplifts the deep lyrics which tell narratives of personal triumphs.

Charlottetown based band, Paper Lions has the perfect tunes for your next jam session.

Jess Kent shares her journey in making a name for herself, finding her sound and the power of confidence.

The Technicolors is on the verge of spreading their name from throughout the desert to across stadium marquees.

Straight out of Southern California, Allah-Las is on tour with their third album Calico Review, which oozes a vintage LA sound.

Miniature Tigers has been an indie staple infiltrating our airwaves and giving us something special to dance to.

The New Respects’ sound is coasting in the melodies that seek to connect and convict.

London based artist, Leon Else shared his overall vision and driving force of his new EP.

NÄM is creating transcendent music: ethereal vocals layered over daze-inducing instrumentals.

The Wldlfe is a band that leads both visual and instrumental experimentation into creating hits.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic came into inception three years ago by its driving creative force Tim Bettinson.

Native Other are comprised of the enchanting talent that has been streaming from Canada.

Nick Valensi points to the fact that he is happy with life, the future of the Strokes, and the present of CRX.

Los Angeles based band, Saint Motel is set to bring a new era of sound and vision to the industry.

Daniel Wing believes, “projects can only succeed if they have a full, engaging story to tell.”

Harletson is the acoustic trio with precocious taste and we’re excited for what’s ahead.

Creative chemistry and a knack for progression, Balance and Composure show us how it’s done.