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Los Angeles based band, Saint Motel is set to bring a new era of sound and vision to the industry.

Artist, Loren North’s tender vocals immerse one into a soothing soundscape.

The Girl and the Dreamcatcher represent their sound through the mediums of storytelling.

Foals took the stage with an energy that I’ve only encountered in a few bands prior.

Beneath his signature LED cube light fixture, Flume energetically performed his fourth consecutive night at the Shrine Theater.

The symbiotic creativity of Lonnie Angle and Thomas Dutton fuses together to craft the electro pop duo known as the

Southern California-based band is a project influenced by experience and hypnotic guitar hooks.

Alexi Blue has such an effortless and edgy style while spreading empowerment to girls.

Jessica Rotter notes that there is always going to be a time where you need to step back and find yourself.

Twenty years old, Mura Masa knew exactly how to make the crowd go wild.

Taking the stage in a fury of emotional exuberance, Gryffin captivated the audience.