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05/01/2017 – Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, NY.

Walking up to New York’s newest venue, Brooklyn Steel, even a non-concert goer could tell something exciting was about to happen. Hundreds of fans of Blossoms and Two Door Cinema Club lined up around the block for what was about to be an epic evening of alternative rock. Blossoms. With a laid-back vibe and a cool 70s — style appearance, it’s no wonder this group was chosen to tour with alternative heavy hitters Two Door Cinema Club. Blossoms is a band that ignores the current trend of digitally – processed tracks and takes us back to where rock music all began — the electric guitar. The group live sounds just as good as their recordings, if not better. Their set starts off with “At Most a Kiss,” an edgy, guitar – driven track with a bit of 80s influence in the synth riffs. From the beginning, the audience is into the performance, nodding their heads and dancing along with song after song. Their sound combines a smooth, Arctic Monkeys — like vocal with the grit of 70s rock instrumentation. They shine on hits such as “Honey Sweet” and “Charlemagne,” which closes out their set, as well as lesser-known tracks such as “Texia” and “Blown Rose.”

After a fantastic opening to the show, the crowd knew that what was coming up next was going to be just as amazing. Two Door Cinema Club, in a flurry of flashing lights, took the stage with “Cigarettes in the Theatre,” a popular track off their first album, “Tourist History.” Fans of all ages sang along with every word of frontman Alex Trimble’s vocals throughout the whole show, showing just how dedicated every audience member is to this band. After taking a hiatus post — sophomore album Beacon, Two Door Cinema Club came back with a new and improved sound and a tour to match. Their set played through hit after hit, accompanied by beautiful projections behind the group. They mixed songs from every album, such as “Changing of the Seasons,” “Something Good Can Work,” “Are We Ready? (Wreck),” and “Sleep Alone.” The show closed out with “Sun,” a riff – driven track where guitarist Sam Halliday and bassist Kevin Baird really shine. The band exits the stage to applause from every member of the crowd, but luckily, they return with two more songs: “Someday” and “What You Know.” By the end of the show, every fan is clapping and cheering as loud as they possibly can, feeling so grateful that they got to witness a performance from one of the best bands in alternative rock as of now.

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