Show Recap: DIIV - Local Wolves


Memento Mori World Tour — Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY — October 21, 2023

With nights getting colder in the city, DIIV brought some much needed heat to Barclays Center. The spunky Brooklyn-based quad was tasked with opening for Depeche Mode, an ask that would leave most bands starry-eyed and sweating before even hitting the stage. But DIIV isn’t like most bands– not for a moment did their energy let up and, with an utterly charming grit, every unfamiliar ear eventually had their streaming services on hand to download the night’s set. Kicking off the show was the propulsive wistfulness of “Like Before You Were Born” from the band’s latest album, Deceiver. Fan-favorite “Under the Sun” took us to warmer weather, while “Taker” gripped the arena with its inviting darkness. Overall, I’d say that’s an accurate characterization of DIIV: inviting darkness, warm sadness, cynical gladness. There’s an untinged vulnerability about DIIV that never fails to seduce. But, as all shows must, the set drew to a close, and the seduction we were so graced with evaporated into an empty stage. The winding passion of “Blankenship” served as DIIV’s final moments in the arena, leaving the crowd itching for more. Luckily Depeche Mode soon after arrived and set free all of the raw emotion first brought to the forefront by DIIV. It was immediate dancing the moment the lights dimmed. I expected nothing less and still found myself overwhelmed with joy from the synth pop pioneers. And yet, I couldn’t help but linger on our opener. As Dave Gahan strutted and sang as only he could, and as Martin Gore electrified like no other, I saw the same assuredness in DIIV only moments before. Depeche Mode is legendary, and I’d argue that DIIV is on their way to same title. Not only was this my first Barclays Center show, but it was my first time seeing DIIV live. A solid – solid – night of firsts, in my opinion.

Words & Photography: Victoria Rose Huerta

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