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John O'Callaghan by Cole Kiburz

Ms. Loneliness greets us all at unpleasant times. She hangs around depleting us of our confidence and forces us to feel small amidst the vastness of the universe. She tells us that we are alone – when truly, we never really are.

John O’Callaghan of The Maine has come to realize this, and as he sings in his new song “Sour Grapes” of his latest work, John The Ghost, he does not miss Ms. Loneliness one bit. Though O’Callaghan spent some time in a dark place in recent years, he has matured – he traded loneliness for catharsis, and discovered The Ghost, an extension of himself that could act as the resolution to his emptiness and hopefully bring inspiration to some of the other lonely souls seemingly passing through space.


John O’Callaghan of the independent rock band The Maine and side project, Eagles In Drag has just released John The Ghost, a creative work that includes a prose poetry book and a solo six-track EP of the alternative singer-songwriter variety with honest, stream of consciousness lyrics laced together with personal anecdotes and seamlessly special self-realizations and universal sentiments. It is a work that has acted as catharsis for O’Callaghan in coming to term with regrets and realizing that solitude does not equate loneliness. Aside from the co-production of Brennan Smiley of The Technicolors and engineering of Pat Kirch of The Maine, this is a work all of O’Callaghan’s own, illustrating his growth as an artist and an individual and acting as a positive representation of his present.


So, invite John The Ghost’s songs into your speakers. Let his lyrics haunt you and let his poems be the possession inside of your very being because there is no one true reason that Ms. Loneliness needs to stick around any longer. Just as John The Ghost does not miss her, and you need not miss her either.

Connect with John The Ghost: Twitter / Instagram / Purchase: Sincerely, John The Ghost EP

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