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Photography by Hannah Bernabe

I didn’t realize how much self-love is so connected with my creativity. Being a photographer and a writer, I truly feel that I give parts of myself to my work. My photographs are a reflection of my evolution as a young woman, and my words are a reflection of my thoughts about myself and my surroundings.


But what happens when I give parts of myself too much?


Self-love comes in as a reminder that while I have given my time, my creativity and my energy to my work, all of that comes from a place to love and appreciation of one’s self. As my creative path matured and blossomed, so did my perception of myself as a young woman. It’s not perfect, and I’m still learning everyday, but I truly believe that’s the beauty of pursuing such a unique path. I’d love to quickly share just a few of the ways I practice self-love as a young female creative.


Photography by Hannah Bernabe


Lean into self-love instead of self-hate:

It’s no surprise that as a modern young women, we are faced with many unique and dire challenges. Politics and society aside, as women, we have been placed in situations that have made us hard. It’s so easy to take a path of filled with self-doubt and self-loathing. While I myself still work on this everyday, I am aware that in order to practice loving myself, I need to kill hateful thoughts, actions and words.


Creative growth is a reflection of maturing self-love:

It’s important to realize and acknowledge growth when pursuing a creative path. This aspect of the creative walk is something that I emulate in my self-love practices. It’s essential in the path to self-love that I acknowledge my growth not just a photographer and writer, but also as a daughter, sister, lover, friend and fellow woman.


Self-love is your work of art, so treat it as such:

It sounds cliche, I know. I truly believe that self-love is a work of art, a laborious task filled with tears of anguish and tears of joy. The beginnings of every artform can come from places of pain or places of fear. But however way you start your journey to self-love, the path is exclusively your creation, and that’s something no one can take away or take ownership from.


My journey to ultimate self-love as a creative is an ongoing one. I learn, I fall, I get up and grow. But it all begins with choosing to love and acknowledge growth within myself every single day.


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