Suburban Deviant - Local Wolves

Photo by Becky “BEKKIE” Ewert

Collection 02 – AWAKEN

Cyanotypes, also referred to as sun prints, are one of the oldest photographic printing processes dating back to 1842. The Cyanotype process produces the cyan-blue pigment ferric ferricyanide (also know as Prussian blue), a pigment found in many high-end acrylic, oil, and watercolour paints. 

Photo by Becky “BEKKIE” Ewert

Collection 02 titled AWAKEN sees Cyanotype as a powerful printmaking method. Collection 02 values the non-impactful nature of Cyanotype printmaking. The Cyanotype used in the creation of Collection 02 is non-toxic and does not present any significant health risk or danger to humans or our environment. Collection 02 features an eye motif throughout the collection. The eye motif was created using both a positive and negative rendering of a human eye. The eye motif is a metaphor for the ideologies Suburban Deviant embodies. When beginning to understand sustainable fashion, we must abandon the us and them mindset. Collection 02 is about seeing each other without judgment. 

Suburban Deviant understands there are ethical implications and problems with all ways of art production and consumption. However, we are all trying. We are all working towards sustainability within our own confines and circumstances. Collection 02 views sustainability through resolution oriented lenses. We are all working towards more sustainable ways of being, working towards resolution.

Photo by Becky “BEKKIE” Ewert

In Collaboration with photographer, BEKKIE

Becky “BEKKIE” Ewert is a Toronto photographer that collaborates with local sustainable fashion brands. By capturing these brands in her own artistic way she hopes to merge creativity and awareness about sustainability through photography. 

Photo by Becky “BEKKIE” Ewert

Suburban Deviant – The Artist

Suburban Deviant creates one of one wearable art entities entirely of sustainably sourced material all handmade in Ontario, Canada. Suburban Deviant was founded in 2021 by Canadian artist Danny Welsh after completing their Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Art, Media, and Design from OCAD University in 2020. Suburban Deviant is a metaphor for the outsider. We empathize with those who feel out of place in the environments in which they exist. Suburban Deviant celebrates individuality and identifies as a collective community of one of one originals. Suburban Deviant understands the power of standing out because we know we were never meant to blend in!

“As a child, I found myself transforming my clothing and exteriority as a way of affirming myself and actualizing ideas. Embracing a do-it-yourself mentality, I creatively customized my clothing in experimental and exploratory ways. I self-employed my methods of actualization and implemented them as catalysts for creative customization. These self-employed methods have stayed with me throughout my life. I was the child who would draw on their bedroom walls. This is me now.” – Danny Welsh.


Photography by Becky “BEKKIE” Ewert

Fashion Designer: Danny Welsh

Models: Iera, Marria & Hapi

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