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If you’re a longtime Local Wolves reader, you know we love to show you promising talent. Emily Ann Shaheen (EAS) is someone to remember so that way and five years from now, you can thank us for introducing her to you. Emily is an up-and-coming vlogger/content creator that is on the rise. With her eye on the prize to work in the entertainment industry, whose to say she can’t do it?

First off, for our readers who don’t know you yet, can you please let us know a bit about yourself?

EAS – I’m a fashion and lifestyle personality on YouTube and I share my fashion tips as well as lifestyle vlogs. I’m also a big Instagram user where I love to share the other details of my life that I don’t share on YouTube.

What was your first experience with YouTube? Did someone show you a funny cat video, as it something you heard about on the TV, etc.?

EAS – I remember watching my very first YouTube video in 2010 and it was a hair tutorial on how to create ‘beachy waves’. From there I was hooked because I had no idea that there was a community of girls who was interested in beauty/fashion on YouTube!

How did you find yourself or what inspired you to start creating your own YouTube videos which, for you, started three years ago!

EAS – I always knew I loved creating video content but I didn’t know what my main focus could be in order to make videos for an audience. I first started off with a fashion blog that not many people know about, but it wasn’t very fun for me because I couldn’t talk and I knew I was meant to be in front of the camera. But, one day a girl comment on my Instagram and said that I should started a YouTube channel because she loved my style, so it just took off from there. Since then, I have been finding myself along my journey and every milestone.

How and when do you figure out what new videos you’ll make for the week?

EAS – I love taking inspiration from my viewers so I always ask them what videos they would love to see so they often times send me video requests. If I buy a new clothing piece or have loved a certain trend at the moment, I’ll usually make a styling video so my audience can see my own take on certain items. I love to share my style with others and normally my viewers will tweet me pictures on how they recreate my looks. Starting and putting up YouTube videos when you first start can be super daunting.

Were you ever nervous putting yourself out there for anyone and everyone to view?

EAS – I was never nervous about putting myself online but I was scared as to what my friends and family would think. As I started to get the hang of things and saw an outcome I just began to do my own thing and blocked out negativity that anyone had to say because YouTube is a passion of mine and is the most perfect creative outlet for me. In the beginning I was super shy but then I got used to being in front of the camera!

From being behind the camera and in front of the camera, what’s one thing you think people don’t necessarily know about the YT life when you’re just starting?

EAS – Being in front of and behind the camera can be very stressful because a content creator does everything from supplying the equipment, coming up with ideas, filming, editing, literally everything. It can be stressful but it’s an exciting process. Sometimes it can be mentally exhausting because of hate comments and how people you know personally treat you, but you just have to move forward with a positive mindset.

Having three years under your belt, what opportunities and/or lessons have you learned being part of the content creator community?

EAS – Some opportunities that have come my way is having the chance of being the media correspondent at San Francisco Fashion Week, launching my own app in the Apple Store, and attending super fun award shows in the city. Some lessons that I’ve learned is that people around you will begin to leave your life because they can’t ‘keep up with you’, but that’s nothing to stress about because what I’m doing is going to pay off in the future. Another lesson is to not do anything for money and the business side of things because that gets into why you started in the first place.

For you, who’s at the top of your list to collaborate with? What would you want to do?

EAS – I would love to collaborate with Lauren Elizabeth. In an industry like this, networking and collaborating is so important, but I absolutely love her style and I feel like we would work well together.

Having said that, who is your… Content creator goals? Who’s career path do you hope to someday follow?

EA S– I feel like every content creator is different and no one’s career paths are the same, but someone I really do look up to is Yousef Erakat aka fouseyTUBE on YouTube. I’ve been a huge supporter of his for years and seeing him grow into the person he is today is so inspiring and I only hope that one day I can reach a point like he has.

You live in one of the meccas of fashion, San Francisco! Living in such an awesome city (I may be a bit biased), has this city/lifestyle inspired you in any way or anything?

EAS – San Francisco has such amazing street style. I love going to a coffee shop and just people watching. From the men to the women, everyone is so creative and unique. When I first moved here for school I just wanted a whole new wardrobe so this city overall has definitely opened up my eyes and to experiment more.

With college on your plate along with creating YouTube videos, how do you find time to balance everything out with a busy schedule?

EA S – Balancing school, YouTube, and a social life can definitely be hard but you just have to make time for the things that you love. Once you get in routine of when to film, edit, and upload, it all works out.

Where do you hope to find yourself in five-ten years with a few more YouTube/content creation underneath your belt?

EAS – In five-ten years I see myself done with college with a degree. From there I see myself living in Los Angeles because I want to work in the entertainment industry. Being able to one day host a show, have my own show, and conduct interviews would be a dream come true and I am studying all of this right now in school so I’m super excited!

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