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“Want to know something beautiful? I inspire me.” – Actress, Taylor Hickson discussed with Local Wolves about her acting career, experience working in the highly anticipated film, Everything, Everything and sharing her greatest achievement so far.

When and where did you begin your acting career? What spurred your initial passion to pursue acting as a profession?

TH — My aunt, Leah Cairns, an established actress in Vancouver, contacted me through Facebook one day saying a new agent had joined her agency. He was looking for teens to fill his roster, so she sent him my photo and sparked his interest. I told her I had no experience and she said it was irrelevant. She told me to let her know when I was in the city and she’d set up a meeting. Coincidentally, my sister had a soccer tournament in the area the following weekend. I went in and auditioned for the agency and was signed that day. I began taking four-hour trips each way with my mom or my grandparents to Vancouver for auditions. Three weeks later, I booked my first role. My first real speaking part (Deadpool), motivated my pursuit in acting.

What was it like growing up in British Columbia, Canada? What was your childhood like growing up? How did that affect who you are today?

TH — I had a beautiful childhood with space to run and siblings to play with. It gave me the crave for adventure I carry today. I find BC one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to, which is probably why I always return. BC is essentially a giant pine scented air freshener. Do yourself a Google and fall in love.

You have most recently been a part of the television series, Aftermath. How was your experiencing working on such an intense and exciting series? What can we expect from your character in the near future?

TH — Exactly that. Intense and exciting. I found many mentors and learned more about the industry and myself then I ever thought was possible. Everything is about learning and growing and that’s what drives me forward. There’s so much more out there for me to experience. The series was discontinued so my character has an unknown future.

You will also be co-starring in Everything, Everything with Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson! What is your favorite memory of working on this highly anticipated film?

TH — So, there was one scene where Nick and I have to whip into the driveway really quickly in this pickup truck. I don’t know if there was one take where we didn’t run over the shrubs or hit the cedars on either side of the driveway. The cast and crew were amazing. I taught Nick a couple card games during our off time.

One of your big projects was co-starring in Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds! What was it like being a part of such an anticipated and successful superhero franchise?

TH — I had no idea at the time what I was getting into! I don’t think my management team did either. I’m proud to be apart of such an incredible film. My time spent with the cast and crew is treasured and inspired me to continue further into my acting career. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and excited to see how the franchise grows. That being said, I’m always excited about my projects. If my heart isn’t in what I’m doing, you won’t catch me doing it.

Aside from acting, you are an aspiring musician! Where did your love for music come from? What inspires you to write songs?

TH — I grew up with my Dad being a rock musician, playing in many bands both vocals and guitar. I’d say I have a prewired love for music. When I was 12, my Dad put me in singing lessons for Christmas. Incredibly reluctant, I finally went and began performing in local competitions, festivals and coffee shops alongside my Dad. In terms of songwriting, I can pull inspiration from pieces of my life, or others, or just a particular mood or feeling. Most of my music comes from a 3 a.m. dream totally irrelevant to me or anything I’m familiar with. I love storytelling; music is my way of communicating my thoughts or feelings that otherwise couldn’t be phrased or influenced on others.

When you’re not killin’ it onscreen or behind a guitar what do you like to do? How do you spend your free time?

TH — In my hometown Kelowna, with family and friends on the beach or having a barbecue. Hiking, fishing, camping, you name it, I’m there!

What has been your greatest achievement so far? What has been your biggest challenge?

TH — My biggest challenge has been my greatest achievement. I made room for myself in an industry that shuts everyone else. I owe to those whose eyes saw potential in me. I want to work until I can some day grant that opportunity upon someone else.

How would you describe your style? How does it reflect who you are and what you’re inspired by?

TH — Want to know something beautiful? I inspire me. I wear whatever I feel like! A dress and heels or sneakers and a hoodie. I wish to inspire others to inspire themselves.

What can we expect from you in the future? Any exciting projects in the works that you can share with us? 

TH — There are many maybes! As there always is in such a confidently unsure place like Hollywood. I am working on many projects including both music and film, I am attempting to write my first EP and I just bought a Martin d18 Retro (heart eyes). In April, I will be working on an incredibly well written film called GLO (Giant Little Ones) with many incredible talented individuals around me. Ecstatic to get to work!

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