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If you’re not watching Riverdale, you are seriously missing out. The CW’s new teen drama, which is based on the iconic Archie comics, is like Pretty Little Liars meets Twin Peaks. Full of mystery, romance and even music, Riverdale is being hailed as the hottest show of the season. It boasts an exciting and diverse cast of TV veterans like Cole Sprouse, as well as newcomers like Adain Bradley who plays Trev, a high school jock. I spoke with Bradley, the US-born, UK-raised actor about his career and experience on Riverdale so far.

Bradley started acting around the age of six and subsequently joined the drama club. “If you ask my parents, they’ll say they’ve always known I wanted to be an actor,” he says. Bradley grew up performing on stage in productions including Bugsy Malone and Oliver. Only recently, he began transitioning to screen acting with Riverdale being his US television debut. “Over the last couple of years, I’ve been focusing on screen acting and I love it,” explains Bradley. “With TV, you have music and different camera angles. You have to be more nuanced.”

Bradley says he couldn’t think of a better show than Riverdale to get his start in America. The show amasses over a million viewers an episode and was already renewed for a second season. He describes his experience as “fantastic” and “crazy.” Bradley says that the audition process for his role of Trev was one of the best he ever had. “I went in on a Wednesday and on Friday they called and said, ‘We’d love for you to do it,’” he gushes. “And I was on a plane the next week.”

Bradley’s character Trev has only been in two episodes so far, but his storyline seems promising based on his role in the original comic series. In episode five of Riverdale, Trev goes on a date with Betty, one of the female leads; in the comics, the pair end up dating. As for their future on the show, Bradley says fans will have to “wait and see.” However, eager fans will be happy to know that the cast’s commerady is as real as it appears on social media. “It’s not just Instagram,” reveals Bradley. “They are all fantastic people. It’s like a family.”

Then I asked the hard hitting questions:

LW — The fans want to know: do you ship Archie and Betty, or Archie and Veronica?

AB — Ooo… *laughs* Selfishly for my character, I think Trev would be a little upset if I said Archie and Betty, so I’m going to say Archie and Veronica. That way Trev can still have a chance.

Aside from Riverdale, Bradley hopes to someday get into movies. While acknowledging that his career is still young, he wants to try all different genres. “I watched Hacksaw Ridge and Moonlight and I thought, Wow, I’d love to have a role like that, but then I see the commercial for new Power Rangers and I’m like ‘I want to do that too,’” laughs Bradley. And though he can’t give too many details on his upcoming projects of 2017, Bradley wants fans to know that “you’ll be seeing of me soon enough!” Regardless if Trev ends up with Betty or not, Bradley is definitely a young actor to watch. 

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