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Bradley Simpson is taking control.

The singer and songwriter has been part of the British boy band The Vamps for 10 years. While the band is not breaking up, Simpson is currently on a 14 date solo world tour with another UK and Europe tour this fall and an album coming out soon. “It sparked when I was writing songs a couple of years ago and they felt too personal. It was something about them that didn’t feel right to me to either bring to the band or to pitch out to different artists,” he says. “It was more of an expression thing to delve a bit more into this kind of writing that I’ve been wanting to do. It ended up being cathartic and personal. I think it got to the point where it might be nice to try something different and challenge myself in a few different ways.”

Simpson’s musical and writing growth is clear on “Cry At The Moon,” his debut solo song. Inspired by growing up with rock influences from his mom and older sister, the song has heavy guitar and drums throughout. It feels like a more personal and honest version of Simpson’s songwriting. “It was definitely an opportunity for me to dive into something that I haven’t before, which is a lot of music I’ve grown up on,” he says. “I’m exploring that a bit more with that organic sound and a more rock and gritty sound that I’ve wanted to do.”

While Simpson is used to selling out arenas like The O2 in London with the band, this solo tour is giving him the opportunity to perform in more intimate settings, connecting with everyone in the room and giving him more control over the show. “I think it’s gonna be a great way to see which songs people are gravitating to since the album isn’t coming out for a while. It has pushed me as a guitar player because there’s only a few of us on stage this round and there’s a lot more focus on the musicality of the album.”

Growing up writing and playing music, Simpson has learned a lot from his experiences both on stage and off. “It’s all trial and error when you’re on stage or writing. You don’t know what the right thing is until you’ve done 100 wrong things,” he says. “You go down some avenues when writing and you’re like, ‘No, that doesn’t feel right’ and it’s the same with audience interactions and it took a long time to settle into what I was like as a performer with all the back to back gigs.” 

With working on a solo project and tour, still working with The Vamps, making music videos and having to do press, Simpson stays grounded by connecting with friends and family and taking time for himself. “I am quite extroverted on stage but then I’m quite introverted in a lot of ways. I love sitting in the studio and playing around with writing or even production and stuff, it’s quite calming,” he says. “I’m fortunate that I have a nice support group around me. I’m understanding as I grow up that you need to put real effort and time into those relationships and they’ve done so much for me in terms of keeping me grounded and being there.”

From selling out shows for a decade with the band to selling out his own solo tour in minutes, it’s clear Simpson is making an impact. Music has been an escape and positive outlet for him and he says he wants to provide the same experience to others. “I hope to be remembered as an artist that people can dive into and feel some safety in and come to a show and have a great time. I hope to write albums that become soundtracks to peoples lives in a positive way.”

Words: Jessica Spiers

Photography: Sravya Balasa

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