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05/02/2016 – Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA.

Infectious— it is the only accurate word to capture the effervescent sounds that escaped from the speakers during LANY’s performance in West Hollywood. The house lights dimmed, the seven-foot tall LED screen behind the cluttered stage lit up a deep red and all that could be heard was screams. Lead vocalist Paul Klein waltzed out to center stage in head-to-toe denim. Drummer Jake Goss and guitarist Les Priest, wearing some denim overalls of his own, were not far behind. The trio took to their instruments and started things off with an intoxicating, high-energy performance, playing one of their newest songs: “Where The Hell Are My Friends.” Klein threw his hands up and danced as he shook his drenched head of hair along to the synth-pop sounds emanating from the speakers. Klein’s eccentric, consistently dramatic stage presence pushed the band’s performance even further during song after song off their Make Out EP. The overflowing venue responded to each track by belting out every lyric, and clapping and screaming their praise. If one thing is for sure, it is that LANY knows how to put on one hell of a performance.

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