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In 2010 a multi-instrumentalist Teeny Lieberson hailing from Brooklyn, New York, founded an alternative rock band with Boshra AlSaadi and her two sisters Lizzie and Katherine, creating the popular all girl band, TEEN. The band first released Little Doods, an LP, in 2011 and signed to Carpark for 2012’s release In Limbo. In 2013 TEEN released Carolina EP in 2013 and their second full-length, The Way and Color. Now, with their recent release of Love Yes, a strong, full-length discography, TEEN is on tour and taking the States by storm with a goal of playing with as many artists as possible and sharing their creativity.


What inspires your music in general?

TEEN – Anything uninhibited and imaginative. Your new album, Love Yes, has been given much praise since its release in February.

How does such a well-received piece of work so quickly feel?

TEEN – It’s always really flattering when people appreciate the music you’ve worked so hard on.

Who was your main audience in mind when writing the popular songs such as Free Time and All About Us?

TEEN – We don’t write music with an audience in mind— our aim is to reach as diverse a population at possible. We hope our music can speak to different types of people.

What inspired the creation of, Love Yes?

TEEN – The waking up after a very sleepy winter.

How did the writing and recording differ from your previous works?

TEEN – Teeny wrote most of the music in Kentucky which she had never done before. We recorded the whole record live which we felt was important to capture the band in that light. Lizzie, Kristina, and Katherine, I have to note are sisters.

How does being in a band with each other change the experience?

TEEN – We are trusting in a way that is hard to replicate when you have not grown up with each other.

How would you describe yourselves as artists?

TEEN – Not too serious, but serious.

What sets your music apart from others in your genre?

TEEN – We do not stick to one formula— we are always evolving and crafting a new sound.

What is a main goal your band is trying to achieve right now?

TEEN – To play to as many people as possible! We love sharing our live show.

What are your project plans for the upcoming year?

TEEN – Tour, tour, tour.

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