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Carlie Hanson by Naohmi Monroe

17-year-old Wisconsin native Carlie Hanson, blames it all on Drake when it comes to misconceptions on relationships and the idea that true love doesn’t exist. Her new single “Us”  brings to life the “us against the world” kind of love. An anthem like this brings hope to every hopeless heart. One thing’s for sure, our hearts are full and we’ve got it on repeat. Check out the new single “Us” and look out for more!

Your new track “Us” released on Valentine’s Day. The perfect time to release a song about being in love and not minding the opinions of others.  What was the inspiration behind this song?

CH  I think when writing “Us”, I was mainly thinking about my friends back home. I was thinking of how my friends and I enjoy being in our own world in this small town and doing whatever we want even though there are certain people who choose to hate on us. Fuck em!

Speaking of love, the lyrics “Blame it all on Drake / He’s the one who got us thinking / Love was something fake / Just another double timing / Double tap that page / But I can’t relate cause I know you’d never do that / You put me in the highest place…” give hope to what can go right between two people in love. In your opinion, what makes for a happy, healthy relationship?

CH – For a happy, healthy, genuine relationship, I feel like there has to be trust and loyalty. Comfort is also a huge thing for me. I have to be able to be my true, crazy, dumb, idiotic and nerdy self in front of my partner, otherwise it’s no fun!

Your song “Only One” was on “Taylor Swift’s Favorite Songs” Apple Music playlist. What was your first reaction?

CH  I was at lunch with my friend Angie and my manager, Dani, called me and told me! I sat in the restaurant and just went ballistic! For the rest of the day that’s all I could talk or think about. It was insane! Taylor Swift? Like… She actually listened and liked my song? How? It was crazy! I just started screaming and called both my sister and mom right away to tell them.

The song “Why Did You Lie?”  was also featured in Billboard Pride’s September playlist. lf you created a favorites playlist at this moment, what songs would definitely be included?

CH – For favorites playlist I would definitely add any Lil Skies song. A friend from home introduced me to him and I’ve been obsessed since. “I Got It” by Charli XCX, “King’s Dead” by Kendrick Lamar featuring Future, James Blake, and Jay Rock, “I Hope Your Whole Life Sux” by Blackbear, “Drain You” by Nirvana, “Supernova” by Ansel Elgort— I’ve been replaying a lot lately. And probably “All These Years” by Camila Cabello!

Carlie Hanson by Naohmi Monroe

At what age did you discover your love for music? And when did singing become something you knew you wanted to do?

CH – I’ve always been singing ever since I was little. My family tells me that the first song I ever legit sang was “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child and I was only like 2. But I really started getting into music and writing when “One Time” by Justin Bieber came out. He was one of the first artists I fell in love with and then watching him sing on YouTube videos at the time made me want to do what he was doing. I must’ve been around 10 or 11 when I knew that singing was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Who were some of your first musical influences growing up? And who are a few today?

CH  Justin Bieber, One Direction, Avril Lavigne, and Drake. I would still for sure say that all of those people are still inspirations to this day, but as of lately I’ve gotten really into Nirvana. Kurt has been a huge inspiration for me. He makes me not afraid to make things a little different than what everybody else is doing. Along with his writing as well. It’s so interesting to me, so inspiring. Right now I love Lil Skies, Khalid, and Billie Eilish. I just love seeing all of these young people doing what they love and not following what everybody else is doing. I love their individualities.

Carlie Hanson by Naohmi Monroe

Carlie Hanson by Naohmi Monroe

What inspires your creative process with your new music?

CH  I think just listening to all sorts of different music is really where my inspiration comes from. I’ve never only just listened to pop music. I love to switch it up and lately i’ve been listening to bands like Modest Mouse, Bad Suns, The 1975, etc. I love picking up certain ideas whether it’s in the writing or the production and going from there. I’ve also been trying to read more poetry. Tupac’s The Rose That Grew From Concrete is a book I always carry with me just because I can easily become inspired from it.

Your astrological sign is Taurus. One interesting fact about Taurus is that they often seen silence in nature or music. Is this true for you? How do you like to unwind?

CH – I’m so obsessed with astrology and if anybody is the definition of a Taurus, it’s me. That’s very true! I like to unwind by just chilling in bed honestly just watching YouTube videos or Netflix. I love to eat amazing food like Taco Bell, Hot Cheetos, and Chinese food. I love just chilling at home being in my own world for a while.

Carlie Hanson by Naohmi Monroe

Carlie Hanson by Naohmi Monroe

What does a typical day in the life of Carlie Hanson look like?

CH  Well lately it’s been I wake up, make some coffee, get ready, go to the studio, try to make a good song, eat some good ass food, go home and chill!

Can we expect to see you on tour anytime soon?

CH  Oh hell yes!

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