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With their debut EP, Temporary Love, The Brinks are the latest talked about duo to hit L.A. The band formed after New York City producer Matt Friedman (MF) met Australian singer—songwriter, Scott Mellis (SM). Quickly after their six-track full-length was born. Local Wolves caught up with the pair about the new offering and how it’s gone down with fans. Spoiler alert: pretty darn well!

For our readers who haven’t heard of The Brinks, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

TB — We are a 1 part Australian and 1 part American songwriting duo/band.

How did you come up with your name?  

TB — Mostly the sound of it felt like it fit us. We have ideas about the meaning, but we like to keep it open to interpretation. It does not stand for Big Ruperts In Naked Kingdoms.

You’ve released your debut, Temporary Love. What’s the response been like?

TB — So far it has been a natural response with help from blogs and alternative playlists picking it up and creating the awareness. We’re really happy with how the EP has been received in such a short amount of time.


How did Matt’s background as a producer influence the EP?

SM — I think it definitely adds a more rhythmic element that makes me approach melody writing with a new perspective. I was so used to just sitting on the corner of my bed playing acoustic guitar trying to pull ideas out of thin air, so this way of writing is still really exciting and fresh for me.

MF — I think the best aspect is that as we’re writing the songs, I have a sense of where the production is going to go. So often the song itself and the production can both be built from the ground up alongside each other. Or sometimes Scott will come in with an idea on acoustic guitar and then it’s on me to fit it into our world. It’s all self-contained.

What was it like working with Pusha T and Salaam Remi?

TB — Pusha T was the first person to get behind us and has been nothing but supportive in spreading the word. We have yet to work with Salaam in the studio, but we’re big fans of the records he’s made.

What was your main source of inspiration for the EP?

SM — Everything really, that’s such a hard question so I’m going to say the fear of getting eaten by sharks.

Is there a track you’re most proud of on the record? 

SM — I would say the title track “Temporary Love”, but I think our song “Stoned” is quite unique and was really fun to record.

MF — “Limit of the Deadline” because of Scott’s searing falsetto. He gets crazy high and I love it.


How about your fans, is there a standout favorite and why do you think it’s done down so well?

SM — “Temporary Love” has definitely been the standout favorite. I think it’s because it was embraced by a lot of blogs and playlists and did well on Hype Machine.

Finally, what advice would you give to young creatives who are looking to break into the industry, whether that be starting a band or becoming a producer?

SM — Focus on writing great songs and don’t get too caught up in whether you sound current or fashionable. A great song with a strong lyric and melody is timeless and can be taken out of its arrangement and production anyway.

MF — Gently nudge Stedman out of the picture and marry Oprah.

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