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Love You Later

The past few years has taught us in particular to reconnect with our roots and focus on communication with one another. We chatted with alt-pop artist, Love You Later (Lexi Aviles) on the inspiration behind her latest single, ‘Keepintouch’ out now, creative process for single’s cover artwork and reminder to keep in touch with those who means the most to you.

Love You Later

What was the inspiration behind your track, ‘Keepintouch’?

‘Keepintouch’ is inspired by a hard lesson I learned over the last year. It was late summer of 2021 and it felt like the people I loved most were leaving all at once. My boyfriend had just left for a tour, some friends had moved away, and some friends started finding themselves busy with other things/people. It was a really lonely and isolating time for me and I found it hard to truly be happy for my favorite people. But even deeper than that, I realized I wasn’t happy and had been selfishly blaming and resenting them for my own sense of feeling distant from myself even though it was my weight to carry. That pill was hard to swallow but I’m so happy this song came out of it.

List 5 words to describe “Keepintouch.”

Honest, emotional, introspective, expressive, healing.

What was the creative direction like from the shoot to design selection for this single’s cover artwork?

Ever since writing the song, I had a moodboard in my head that I translated onto Pinterest and communicated my vision to the photographer, Audrey, videographer, Chase Denton, and graphic designer, Reagan Renfrow for this release. The actual cover photo was a BTS shot from the video shoot, I wasn’t expecting to use that photo but it seemed to feel right for the end product that I envisioned. It was just a photo of standing still, angled straight on with the camera until Reagan edited it to resemble an aura with the colors of ’Serenity’ around me.

What was the song process like from start to finish? Was the process different compared to your other tracks?

Compared to other releases in the past, this songwriting process was especially healing.  My co-writers, Kyle and Bre are such talented people but also some of the kindest people, so it makes creating with them such a fulfilling experience. The session started out with me explaining what I had been feeling and what I wanted to write about. Kyle was mainly working on the track and Bre and I dove into writing the lyrics. Kyle and Bre created a safe space for me to share everything and I think that’s why we were able to write the song so effortlessly. It basically was just one big therapy session, lol.

Where do you imagine someone listening to ‘Keepintouch’?

From the small snippets of the song I’ve posted on IG/TikTok, people have told me they can’t wait to blast ‘Keepintouch’ while driving with their windows down with their friends and honestly, I couldn’t think of a better scenario.

What is your favorite local spot that our readers should check out in your local neighborhood? 

Oh yes, my fave local spot in Nashville has definitely got to be Hawkers in East Nashville. It’s an asian street food spot with the best Pad Thai and deliciously fun drinks.

What artists have you been listening to lately?

I’ve been listening to a lot of late 90s/early 2000’s female alt pop artists, mostly because that’s who I’ve found a lot of inspiration from artists like Frou Frou, Michelle Branch, Natalie Imbruglia, etc. My current favorite record is “Details” by Frou Frou. It has so many earworms and experimental moments that are so inspiring and live giving to me.

Love You Later

What should we expect from you this year? New album in the works?

More music to come this year – not quite an album because it’s a difficult feat as an indie artist, but I hope to make it happen in the future. I’ll be playing a handful more shows this year as well! Stay tuned.

Your cover art is always so unique and creative, it’s like diving into a new era? What makes ‘Keepintouch’ different from your other tracks?

Aw, thank you so much! Yes, I always envision a new theme/mood/color with each song or release. I felt like the colors of the earth seemed to align perfectly with the sentiment of ‘Keepintouch’ which is unlike any release I’ve had before- greens, blues, browns, etc. Usually there’s lots of bright, eye-catching colors but I wanted to get a little more vulnerable this time in hopes that listeners feel welcome into this new side of Love You Later.

What are your advice or tips you wish you knew sooner in the music industry? 

The biggest advice I would give is– be true to yourself and don’t give rejection too much power. Your time will come and what should be, will be. The right people will come along and champion you at the right place and the right time– I believe that all has to line up in order for it to feel right. You’ll be rewarded for being patient and driven.

Photography by Sophia Matinazad

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