Show Recap: Aidan Bissett - Local Wolves


Supernova Tour — Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA — November 8, 2023

On the electric night of November 8th, the iconic Troubadour in Los Angeles was graced by the emerging alternative pop star and music scene’s newest people pleaser, Aidan Bissett hailing from the artistic hub of Portland, Oregon. The venue, quickly filling and gradually pulsating, played host to a sold-out crowd eager to witness a supernova unfold.

Aidan Bissett took the stage with a familiar and warming presence, kicking off the evening with tracks from his latest EP, Supernova, his last EP I’m Alright If You’re Ok, and scavenging back through his ever growing archive of well written and produced tracks. Each song, a celestial journey in its own right, was delivered with such passion that it resonated throughout the entire venue. Aidan’s vocal prowess and the beautiful synergy between his bandmates (Fionn Roche, Drums and Grant McManus, Guitar) showcased the depth of artistry present in his latest musical offering. Bissett’s stage presence was nothing short of dynamic. Whether he was delivering soulful ballads, cruising into upbeat, infectious rhythms, or serving up a handsome smolder right before each song took off– Aidan commanded the stage with confidence and charisma that night.

These instances created lasting memories for the audience and showcased Bissett’s ability to craft a memorable show, Aidan’s performance at The Troubadour was a testament to his emergence as a formidable force in the alternative pop scene. Supernova came alive on stage, and friends, family, and fans bore witness to a musical journey that transcended the ordinary. If these performances are indicative of Aidan’s trajectory, the future of music is indeed in the right hands.

Words & Photography: Isaiah Pate

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