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03/24/2016 – PlayStation Theater, New York, NY.

On a Thursday night in New York City a barefoot Melanie Martinez emerged from her crib and grabbed a hold of her microphone. Dangling from a mobile, the microphone was well hidden among plush toys and plastic pieces. At the Playstation Theatre, Melanie was backlit from the glowing CRY BABY building blocks as she performed all but one of the songs from her first studio album Cry Baby, which was released just last year. The sea of fans sang along to every word and tracked and cheered at her every movement. After being a contestant on The Voice or any show with the similar reality competition format, artists are often forgotten. Melanie Martinez has flipped this association on its head and is now one of the most recognizable names of pop music in 2016. Her sweet sounding songs take darker turns lyrically which is most likely where her fans have found her relatable. With her unrelenting doll image and child themes it would be easy to underestimate Martinez. But since her time on The Voice she has maintained her image and broadened her audience. Watching Melanie perform live makes her talent, and huge fanbase, undeniable.

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