Show Recap: Benson Boone - Local Wolves


Can’t Get Enough Tour — Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, CA — June 24, 2023

Benson Boone finally embarked on his first solo tour and by the looks of it, fans have been anticipating it for quite a while. On June 24th, he performed at the Fonda Theatre, having it jam packed with (mostly) screaming girls. After appearing briefly on American Idol before deciding to forge his path on his own, he quickly amassed millions of fans on TikTok because of his stunning vocals and even better sense of humor. The young singer has incredible range and a way of writing songs that put your deepest emotions, like heartbreak and grief, into words. As he says, he’s a “happy guy who writes sad songs”.  

After opener Nicky Youre warmed up the stage, Benson ran out and immediately wowed the crowd with a backflip, setting the tone for the rest of what was to be an awe inspiring show. He delivered song after song with an ease and vocal confidence you’d only see with a seasoned performer, a crazy thing to think of when you realize he’s only now just celebrated his 21st birthday. His raw and rich tone, electrified and entranced the crowd as they swayed and sang along to every word. At one point, after performing perhaps his biggest song to date, “In the Stars”, he went on to perform an instrumental piano version, to which the crowd took center stage and sang his words right back to him. 

Ending his set with yet another impressive backflip, he thanked the crowd profusely, made contact with fans along the barricade, and left with a huge smile on his face, proving that his talent and humility are equally large. His US tour has now officially come to an end but we know his journey in music is long from over. As Benson himself says,  we’ve only just seen the very beginning. 

Words & Photography: Ana Oquendo

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