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If you were to search for Grace Weber’s name on any social media platform, you’d find countless pictures of a chic, stylish blonde with a smoldering countenance peering back at you. Grace Weber is making her way into the music realm by being unequivocally herself, a bright beam of light whose melodious voice charms anything and everything around her.

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Grace Weber was born and raised in the Midwest. She spent her childhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; a place that inspired her musical creativity at a young age. “I have so many memories of walking through the woods, looking up at the clouds, climbing trees and just being a kid. The space and quiet in Wisconsin was good for me growing up, I have a lot of extroverted tendencies, but ultimately I’ m a pretty introverted weirdo. Being surrounded by nature allowed my imagination to run wild.” Grace credits her hometown for the musical influences that inspired her as a child. Milwaukee’s rich culture provided her with many opportunities for musical growth and artistic development. “I was really blessed to be immersed in an incredible music scene in Milwaukee. I sang in a dope gospel choir and through that, got to be a part of an amazing musical in Milwaukee called “We Are the Drum”, a show about the history of black music in America. In the show, actors portrayed the Temptations, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Martha and the Vandellas, and more. Being a part of the show as a twelve year old, I felt like I was hanging out with the actual Temptations, etc. I learned so much about the history of the music I love.” According to Grace, a significant turning point for her was when she joined a local gospel choir. “The first time I sang with my gospel choir is a really special memory for me. It was the first time I felt like I found my own musical home and the first time I felt so deeply accepted for who I am as a singer. I’ll never forget meeting the choir and the friendships I made. That moment really changed my life.”

When listening to Grace sing, you can’t help but connect to the fiery intensity in every note she belts out. Influenced by artists such as Kim Burrell, Jazmine Sullivan, India Arie and Lauryn Hill, Grace has found her home in the sweet world of soul and R&B. When asked how she became partial to this particular genre, Grace replied, “It’s just what comes outta ma soul! I’ve always been a soul singer, and to me soul isn’t so much a genre as much as it’s a feeling, a form of expression and understanding; A way of communicating and translating experience and emotion.” Her vocal quality fits perfectly with the genre that she loves; with her voice managing to be soulful, deep, and smooth all at the same time. According to Grace, the most important essential in every song she creates is emotion, feel, and soul, three things that are always fully present in her art.


With her debut album The Refinery released in 2014, Grace has been hard at work in the studio creating her second record. Assisted by producers Nico Segal and Nate Fox, Grace describes her studio experience as “inspiring and insanely creative.” Segal and Fox are most recognized for their involvement in the well-known musical project Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment, with Segal performing under the fictitious name “Donnie Trumpet.” Grace describes in detail her experience with these bohemian-like musicians. “I’ve been writing the entire album from start to finish with Nico Segal, Nate Fox, Peter Cottontale, and Francis Starlite, and I’m beyond excited about the music we’re making. Nate and Nico have a vision of their studio being a space where artists are invited to remember what made them fall in love with music in the first place. Nate wants artists to almost feel like kids again when they step into his space, making music because they just love it with every fiber of their being. No fear or stress about doing something “right”, just discovering sounds and being free to explore who you are as an artist. The only “right” thing you can do is be creative.” Having such a great amount of artistic freedom makes way for amazing, innovative projects. Grace reminisces on the experience stating, “It’s a beautiful thing when you can go into making art with a sense of curiosity and excitement and fun, even if you’re making something sad or angry or aggressive. When you can go into the process with your eyes and heart open to possibilities I think you have the opportunity to find things you never even knew were possible. To be able to explore what a moment, an emotion, and a song might call for, to have the space and the time, the freedom and curiosity to discover something powerful, that’s a huge gift to get as an artist.”

While many assume that Grace Weber is just now breaking into the music scene, what they don’t know is that she has recently been involved in some highly celebrated projects. Grace’s voice can be heard in the opening track of Chance the Rapper’s mixtape Coloring Book, a collection that features many other legendary artists such as Kanye West and Lil Wayne. A song that was originally for Grace’s own album, All We Got now opens one of the most applauded and prominent records of 2016. When asked how she felt about being involved in such a significant project, Grace said, “Getting to work with and witness Chance finishing his mixtape in March and April, was amazing. I got to witness Chance and Peter and the rest of Chance’s team in the process of finishing the album in Chicago right before it came out. It was inspiring to witness a group of people putting their entire hearts and souls into art with so much love and maintaining this beautiful chill, but still intense, energy throughout it. I’m blessed to be a part of such an amazing mixtape. I love Chance’s music and his mission.”


The most important aspect of any artist’s work is ultimately the message that their art conveys, whether it’s clear or underlying. Grace states that she hopes her music makes people confident in who they are. “I want people to feel ok being themselves. I struggle with insecurities and fears about judgements and all those things with my humanness, and I’ve been trying this year through this album to really 100% own and love who I am so that I can be an example to others that it’s ok and good to love yourself, to accept yourself as you are, to do you. That it’s ok to be as colorful or loud or quiet or introverted or extroverted or artistic or sporty as you want to be. If I can help kids feel confident and free at a younger age, that’s what I want to do.” Not only does Grace want to convey a message of self-acceptance, she wants to address real and prevalent issues in today’s society. “I want my art to dive below the surface, to talk about deep and complicated emotions. I like talking about social issues through telling really personal stories about my life or others so we can humanize some of these political discussions through art. In general, I want my art to promote raw real humanness. If we can all feel connected through music and understand that we all struggle with similar things, and that we all celebrate and rejoice and love and want to be loved in similar ways, I think we gain a deeper sense of empathy for one another.” It’s ironic that she sang “Amazing Grace” as her gospel choir audition piece. It is such an appropriate description of who Grace is as both an artist and a person. With many interesting projects keeping her occupied, “Amazing” Grace Weber is definitely an artist to keep tabs on. Who knows, you might just find her serenading you from the background of yet another successful mixtape.

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