Show Recap: Fletcher - Local Wolves


Fletcher — Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, CA — November 17, 2022

The Hollywood Palladium buzzed in anticipation for FLETCHER to take to the stage on night one of her two night stay in Los Angeles. All the way in the front row, the Barricade Brigade (as this group of fans likes to call themselves), who had been camping out since the night before, raved about the show that was to begin, with some having had seen multiple stops on this tour already. The set was impressive, recreating an urban setting adorned with neon lights, graffiti and a psychic shop named after the tour, Girl of My Dreams. As the lights dimmed and the artificial fog started to pool around, the excitement was more than palpable, reaching culmination as Fletcher burst through the doors of the storefront. Filling the room with her fizzy pop sounds and high energy, she had the crowd chanting and dancing along from start to finish. 

The set allowed for a dynamic performance as Fletcher made use of the stage, climbing on a platform above the urban landscape, in order for the massive crowd to get an even better view of her. Later sitting down on the rooftop of the set as she slowed things down for the crowd and delivered a more intimate experience. Her vulnerable, openly honest lyrics, whether infused with her high energy pop sound, or a slower folky vibe, have established her as a dynamic sensation and amassed her a huge following of fans who fled to see her in Los Angeles. Many described her ability to create a safe space for them to be themselves wholeheartedly as utterly freeing allowing for this show to become part of their journey to self-discovery. 

Words & Photography: Ana Oquendo

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