Show Recap: Gregory Alan Isakov - Local Wolves


Gregory Alan Isakov — The Masonic in San Francisco, CA — August 23, 2023

Gregory Alan Isakov, the modern troubadour known for his poetic lyricism and haunting melodies, graced the stage at The Masonic in San Francisco, creating an intimate and spellbinding evening that left the audience captivated. As the lights dimmed and a hushed anticipation settled over the crowd, Isakov walked onto the stage, his presence instantly commanding attention. The purity of his voice filled the space as the audience hung onto every word. Isakov’s performance was an interplay between his folk-infused melodies and the venue’s acoustics created an ethereal soundscape that seemed to suspend time. The delicate balance of his band, featuring violin, standing bass, and banjo, added layers of depth to his songs.

The setlist was a thoughtful journey through Isakov’s discography, featuring songs “Appaloosa Bones” and “Big Black Car” were met with soft sing-alongs from the crowd, their familiarity and emotional resonance filling the space. As the night drew to a close, Isakov treated the audience to an encore that included “Amsterdam” and “The Stable Song,” leaving everyone with a lingering sense of serenity and longing. In a world filled with noise and distractions, Gregory Alan Isakov’s performance at The Masonic was a reminder of the power of simplicity and sincerity. His music is a sanctuary for the soul, a place where introspection and connection intersect.

Words & Photography: Sabrina Poei

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