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04/30/2016 – Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA.

The first time I saw HUNNY perform, I didn’t know a single lyric to a single song, but the moment they hit the stage, I found myself completely immersed in their performance; I was a fan in an instant. Five months later, I arrive to HUNNY’s sold-out headlining show at LA’s infamous Troubadour to find a line wrapping around the venue. Once inside– the room is buzzing and I’ve never been in a place filled with more truly proud fans than this one. As Southern California natives, HUNNY are at home on the stage, seeing familiar faces in the crowd, giving it their all (as usual), noting that their parents are present, and taking time to explain how surreal and beautiful of an experience this night is for them. The genuine nature of their gratitude is more than admirable as they play songs from their debut EP ‘Pain / Ache / Loving’ among unreleased tunes off of their highly anticipated full length album. Falling somewhere between post-punk and synth rock, HUNNY are a breed of their own– just a part of their appeal among bold fashion statements and carefree attitudes. But beyond looks, there is a shining uniqueness to the six piece which lies within their too-cool, vibrant stage presence. Songs like “La Belle Femme” and “July” only add to the band’s allure. As they finish their set with “Cry For Me” pink and yellow balloons fall from the ceiling and shower the crowd ending the night in true HUNNY fashion. But despite the hype, it’s crystal clear that this is only the beginning for the band called HUNNY.

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