Show Recap: Ricky Montgomery - Local Wolves


Saint Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, MI — March 2, 2024

Ricky Montgomery brought his exceptional stage presence and high energy to Saint Andrew’s Hall for a night that was as engaging as it was entertaining. It was evident from the moment Ricky stepped onto the stage that he was there to connect with people. His infectious enthusiasm had the audience hooked from the start, and he even ventured into the crowd to get closer, singing right along with his fans, hand in hand, making a truly unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance. Throughout the show, he effortlessly interacted with the crowd, creating an environment where everyone was present and engaged the entire time, which is more of a rarity for concerts in recent years. Musically, Ricky gave a stellar performance showcasing his vocal range and emotive delivery. Songs like “Line Without a Hook” and “Mr. Loverman” had the crowd singing along to every word, while quieter moments allowed Ricky’s heartfelt and personal lyrics to shine. Overall, it was a memorable evening filled with amazing music and genuine connection.

Words & Photography: Hannah McWhorter

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