Show Recap: Searows - Local Wolves


Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA — January 18, 2024

Emerging folk artist Searows captivated the audience at his sold out show this past Thursday at the Troubadour. Searows aka Alec Duckart is a Portland based singer-songwriter, who was recently signed as the first artist under musician Matt Maltese’s new record label. Searows is currently playing his first series of headlining shows. Since the release of his debut album, Guard Dog and his latest EP project, End of the World, I have been irrevocably changed by his soulful melodies and introspective storytelling. Somehow, Searows’ live performance was even more enchanting. The Troubadour filled with his serene voice; the dreamy sonic textures of guitars and harmonies fell over the crowd like dripping honey, and they clung to every note. Opening his set with the first single from his latest project, a song titled “Older,” set the precedent for a night full of swelling atmospheric ballads. Searows’ discography offers listeners a tether amidst swirling anxieties about growing older, forgiveness and the bravery to allow yourself to grow. For this special night at the Troubadour with Searows felt like a space made to grieve and grow and absolve oneself of apathy. The setlist for the night included songs like “Roadkill,” “End of the World,” “Collector,” and other fan favorites. As is the beauty of live music, Searows’ show displayed the magic of concerts in creating connective tissue between the pain and joys in life. Be sure to stream Searows latest EP, End Of The World everywhere that music streams.

Words & Photography: Victoria Alexis

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