Show Recap: Aidan Bissett - Local Wolves


The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, CA — April 22, 2024

Aidan Bissett’s electrifying concert at the Constellation Room in Santa Ana was an absolute whirlwind of energy and emotion. From the moment he stepped onto the stage, the crowd was entranced, singing along to every lyric with an enthusiastic fervor. One of the highlights of the evening was when Aidan debuted an unreleased song, “Do You Want More,” from his highly anticipated upcoming album. The audience was captivated by the fresh sound and eagerly absorbed every note, clamoring for more! The intensity reached new heights when Aidan decided to perform “People Pleaser” not once, but twice. Each rendition seemed to spark even more energy within the audience. But perhaps the most unforgettable moment of the night came when Aidan descended into the crowd, breaking down the barrier between performer and fan as they screamed and sang together in a shared moment of pure connection. As the concert drew to a close, “Ultraviolet” provided the perfect soundtrack for sweet, intimate moments between fans scattered throughout the room. It was a night filled with passion, energy, and unforgettable memories, leaving everyone in attendance eagerly awaiting Aidan Bissett’s next performance.

Words & Photography: Victoria Alexis

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