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Christine and the Queens opened up the second of two shows at New York City’s Terminal 5. The French Queen, yes a capital Q, is something entirely unique to the music scene in America. Akin to Stromae, the singer has found success in bringing her primarily French set to the states; she is headlining NY’s Webster Hall tomorrow night. Her set was heavy on the bass and a brought a great vibe. She is a fierce dancer, flanked by her equally talented dancers, her voice never wavered even when she pulled out choreography that would have left most pop stars breathless. Not only is her sound unique in her mix of English and French lyrics, but it is her theatrical performance that brings it all together.

30 minutes later, Marina Diamandis and her band took to the pink and purple turf covered stage. The Neon Nature Tour differs to any tour she has done, the set is separated into three parts; the three “eras” of Marina and the Diamonds. A greatest hits tour isn’t something an artist with three albums can usually pull of, yet, it worked extremely well. She started off the show with high-energy songs from The Family Jewels including fan-favorite “I Am Not a Robot,” and slowed it down while playing the piano to “Obsessions.” As Act I ended the lights dimmed while Marina disappeared behind a curtain, her band providing the transition music to the next era, Electra Heart. A few moments later Marina emerged, this time in a bubblegum pink jumpsuit complete with a cape and reflective pom-poms; fitting perfectly with her first song, “Bubblegum Bitch.” The energy from Act I was sustained because of the range of different songs. Act II was comprised of upbeat tunes like “How to be a Heartbreaker” while finishing up the era with “Lies.” Marina ducked out once more while the monitor images transitioned from a blonde Electra, to the galactic glittery Froot era Marina. The lights rose, and she materialize in a deep blue, glittery, cat suit on the elevated stage next to her band. With her statement blueberry headpiece, Marina brought the show to a close with her third and final era, Froot. Ultimately this tour did something I haven’t seen from most pop stars, Marina has turned somewhat small stages into a stadium caliber experience.

Connect with Christine and the Queens: Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Connect with Marina and the Diamonds: Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

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