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John Vincent III

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Upon hearing “Next to You,” the first single from John Vincent III’s upcoming album, you will feel like you have been transported into a coming of age movie. But with obvious inspiration from Bon Iver and instrumentation reminiscent of The Head and the Heart, the romance John sings about seems more John Greene than John Hughes. In March, John travelled to Vancouver, BC to record his second album. He made new friends, explored the city and spent long hours in the studio. “Next to You” is the first glimpse at what is to come in this new chapter. “This record in particular isn’t supposed to be a lyrically driven introspective, thoughtful masterpiece,” John explains. “Rather, I wanted to have something that one could close their eyes to and go on a journey with someone that means a whole lot to them.” We spoke to John about the inspirations behind “Next to You” and the new album, which he reveals the name of below!

John Vincent III

“Next to You” is quite cinematic, like a coming of age story. What can you say about the inspiration behind this song?

JOHN VINCENT III: I was really inspired by my own trips with a human I love… being on the road with someone for a few days, seeing things for the first time together, having hours and hours of no cell service, it just creates an avenue to rediscover all the things you love about someone… not to say that you ever forget, but like it’s happening for the first time again.

I also wanted to be like a coming of age story because those are some of my favorite films! I just really wanted to have something that portrayed young love, I suppose. Something upbeat and positive; focusing on spontaneity and passion. My music tends to lean to the gloomy side so it felt quite necessary to show another side of myself.

What was it like shooting the music video for “Next to You” in Utah? It’s unbelievably beautiful there, so I can imagine it was cathartic.

JV III: It was a truly magical experience to say the least. I made sure we had a place to sleep every night, hotel or camping… but outside of that we really just drove and waited to be inspired. All the locations we went to were our first times being there, or we stumbled upon them by complete accident as we were exploring… so it was very real. We very easily could’ve stayed in California, but I felt that it would be way sicker to actually be seeing these things for the first time in the music video. Every night we sat around the fire having amazing conversation, I think we all gained more than we had anticipated from this trip… new views on things, new understandings, a burning desire to take on the future with certainty and faith. It was one of the best trips of my life. Oh, and it was shot on super 8 so, like, VIBES!

John Vincent III

It’s been two years since you released your debut album. How have you and your music changed since your last release?

JV III: Honestly, the past 2 years have changed who I am immensely. Naturally, I write about different things; it’s coming from a different place. I’ve been passionately working at improving my music. I worked in a proper studio with a proper producer by the name of Tyler Neil Johnson; just so many factors that make this upcoming album not comparable to the last. I mean that as modestly as possible. I think it’s just natural though. Two years go so I would hope that tremendous strides have been taken to provide fans and myself with better material. Having said that, I am still extremely proud of my past work and it still means a lot to me. Just… growth.

At the end of 2017, you released “Back to My Ways,” which chronicles getting back in touch with yourself after a hectic move to LA and the craziness of 2017. This song has a more somber tone than “Next to You”. Does one of these songs over the other represent the sound of the upcoming album more? 

JV III: I would say that “Next to You” is a better representation of the album, but that it still doesn’t represent it all that much. Each song has its own thing and I didn’t want to create too much of a feel or theme for the entire album. I wanted each song to be able to stand alone, but when you put them together have something that does tie them all together. We did a few things in production and instrumentation that gave different songs a familiarity so when I listen through it creates a little world for me. But I don’t think you could listen to one single song and have any understanding of what the album might be like entirely, which is exciting. I’d love to see if people pick up on the small things we did to try to tie it all together.

What hints about your new music can you give to the Local Wolves readers?

JV III: Hmm… you can expect some of the sad and slow stuff, but also expect some things that are very different from what I’ve done before – in a good way! Also, since I love Local Wolves so much I’ll tell you that the album will be seven recordings and titled Songs From The Valley.

These photographs were taken on film throughout the course of a few days. A small studio in East Vancouver, BC in March of 2018. 

John Vincent III
John Vincent III
John Vincent III

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