Show Recap: Declan McKenna - Local Wolves


The Big Return Tour — The Novo in Los Angeles, CA — November 3, 2023

English singer-songwriter, Declan Mckenna delivered an energetic and captivating performance at his recent show at the Novo in Los Angeles, California. The British heartthrob rounded up the crowd with his unique blend of indie rock and pop sounds, showcasing tracks from his upcoming fifth studio album, What Happened to the Beach?. He kicked off the show with one of his newest records, Nothing Works. Declan carries his infectious energy and smooth vocals wherever he goes and it never goes unappreciated. Highlights included the politically charged anthem “British Bombs,” fan favorites such as “Brazil” and “Beautiful Faces,” and running around the stage as if he was a one man marching band.

This show concluded his North American tour run, Mckenna’s unique sound and exceptional talent by his band and himself on all fronts; enthralled the audience from the start of the show to the very end. With a groundbreaking stage presence, bandmates and friends that match his electrifying energy, and consistent lively audience participation, Declan Mckenna continues to solidify his place as one of UK’s top performing artists, and America’s favorite forever mate.

Words & Photography: Isaiah Pate

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